MPA Dictation

Get the power of Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking with the mobility and security of Android, BB10, iOS and Windows Phone.

Convert voice to text, verify, send & store all data using any Android, BlackBerry, BB10, iOS or Windows Mobile smartphone and tablet. Save time, gather fresh, detailed intel on the scene & simplify workflow with our secure Nuance-based transcription and reporting app.

MPA Dictation – our Nuance-based mobile dictation product – takes the paper out of paperwork by converting voice to text. It allows for voice to text transcription using Android, BB10, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets. Now your field personnel can prepare and submit lengthy reports, occurrences, intel and more, all via secure* voice dictation. Officers speak into their device, then receive a secure email with a voice-to-text transcription for review and approval. The transcribed document is then saved and sent to the enterprise Records Management System.

  • Secure, encrypted & accurate mobile voice-to- text transcription for any smartphone of tablet.
  • Reports, witness statements & notes are converted to text, via voice recording on the scene or in the cruiser.
  • Save time starting on any documents more over 100 words.
  • Ideal for any agency with reporting bottlenecks.
  • Ease and accuracy with simple deployment.
  • Features
  • Runs on Android, BB10, BlackBerry iOS & Windows Mobile
  • Extends voice-to-text capability to mobile, fleet & field staff
  • Converts spoken word to text with proven accuracy
  • Witness statements, reports, notes done on the move
  • Complies with legal evidence requirements
  • Secure, encrypted wireless enterprise app
  • Benefits
  • Any smartphone or tablet with ease of deployment
  • Takes advanced desktop efficiencies to the field
  • Proven reliability with significant time savings
  • Eliminates the need to do things twice
  • Faster more efficient digital records
  • Staff works closely with accurate info

Select app & speak

  • Open app on ribbon
  • Read or speak to phone or tablet
  • General reports, witness statements, any document of 100 words or more
  • Extend power of Nuance Dragon

Record voice & send

  • Record voice using smartphone or tablet
  • Send to server for transcription
  • All voice & text is saved and stored for enterprise RMS

Get email, approve & submit

  • Email sent back with text for review
  • Simple edit, approve & submit
  • Auto-save to enterprise data-base
  • Fast, productive & accurate
  • Features
  • Runs on legacy BlackBerry Java and BlackBerry 10 and Android 4.x
  • Simplified Checklists and drop downs with minimal typing
  • Fuel and Mileage reporting form
  • Automate start and end of shift activities
  • Automated secure sending to database
  • Benefits
  • Highest security with ease of deployment
  • Efficient data entry by officers, retrieval and analysis by management
  • See where fuel dollars are spent
  • More fleet knowledge faster – eliminated paper
  • Less time gathering, following up and processing data