KENORA, CANADA, April 8, 2019, Treaty Three Police Acting Chief Jeff Skye and Mobile Innovations CEO Gary Bauer today announced their successful completion of proof-of-concept for Samsung Note9 with Desktop Experience (DeX) dock in-vehicle computing for the Treaty Three Police Services mobile smartphone. This Canadian mobile policing innovation is the first in Canada to provide the multi-factor security level required for police officers to use Note9 to access police data, connected to a ruggedized in-vehicle monitor and keyboard, paving the way to provide secure mobile access to police data to officers in the field. Half the fleet will be updated in 2019 and the second half will be completed in 2020.

Leveraging the computing power of a Samsung smartphone and combining that with a dedicated keyboard, display and ruggedized D & R Electronics Dovetail® DeX eliminates the need for the expensive in-vehicle computer that occupies today’s patrol cars. An officer can use the smartphone in the field for query or evidence collection, then dock the device in the patrol vehicle to support form completion and report writing. At the end of the patrol shift, the officer can go back to the detachment and connect the same smartphone to a monitor and keyboard in the report writing room. In essence, one device supports mission-essential operations in-field, in-vehicle, and in-station.

Mobile Innovations is currently the only Canadian mobile software firm able to offer two-factor Authentication with Entrust Datacard® Mobile SmartCredential (Derived PIV) technology, which complies with Canadian Law Enforcement’s strict security requirements for smartphones. With the addition of DeX enabled access to the Niche Record Management system, you have a winning combination.

“We had smartphones for officers for the past two years. Our Samsung Note9 devices with in-vehicle DeX lets Treaty Three Police Officers do more with less. We have apps from Axon and Mobile Innovations. Officers have the tools they need, in the community, on the streets, and back in the station. We never had a budget for in-vehicle laptops or tablets, but we had phones for communications, and Samsung helps us to leverage that platform” said Acting Chief Skye. “A year or two ago this was a concept. Showcasing our solution at the First Nations Chiefs of Police conference in Gatineau, QC last week helped cement our leadership role. The Treaty Three Police Service CIO, David Brown, the DARTA vehicle upfitters, Samsung and numerous other partners worked closely together to realize this vision.”

Mobile Innovations CEO Gary Bauer added, “Treaty Three Police Service moved quickly from Proof of Concept towards full deployment. All the pre-requisites were in place, Mobile Apps, Mobile Device Management, multi-factor PKI Authentication, and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to bridge the last few missing pieces. That was all in place for the initial smartphone deployment two years ago. ”

“Doing more with less cost than traditional windows tablet deployments was the objective. To my knowledge, this force-wide Samsung DeX deployment, in vehicles and detachments, is a worldwide first,” said Bauer. “We know the phone is the center point for public safety and using DeX offers the ultimate in mobility while being a powerful force multiplier for law enforcement officers.”