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Empowering Law Enforcement with Innovative Smartphone Apps and Technology

We make and support law enforcement apps with the idea that a well-connected smartphone is the most powerful policing tool since 2-way radio. With secure iPatrol connections to RMS, CAD and DEMS,  a phone does the work of a dispatcher, it helps file reports, it replaces modem and laptop­­, paper notebook and pen, and/or trips to headquarters to type on a keyboard. 

Proven Operational and Administration Apps For Police Agencies Worldwide

With our iPatrol­­­­­ mobile policing app platform, we eliminate mobile data disconnects by providing ‘fingertip’ access to the data and systems officers need. We serve some of the world’s most digitally-connected law enforcement agencies, creating and supporting apps for thousands of active-duty officers who rely on us every day. With iPatrol on their phones, their load is lighter, their job is safer and more satisfying – so productivity and morale both get a boost.  

Leading the Way in Custom Mobile Solutions and Enterprise App Development

As well as serving police agencies of different types and sizes internationally, we also develop related solutions and enterprise apps for fleet and transportation, social services and government, healthcare and senior living compliance, and we also have a accomplished agile development capability. 

We are well-connected with industry-leading mobile device manufacturers, secure authentication experts, encrypted government cloud providers, as well as some of the world’s largest mobility carrier providers. 

Experienced Leadership Team

Gary Bauer CEO

Gary founded Mobi in 2008 to “To put the sum of police knowledge at the fingertips of every police officer. A mobile law enforcement pioneer Gary was the go-to expert for BlackBerry mobile policing solutions. Under his leadership, Mobile Innovations has grown to support over forty agencies with Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile apps for smartphones. 

Ian Bowles CTO 

Ian oversees our development and tech support teams and shares Gary’s vision of putting all of the police agency’s resources in the hands of field officers at the scene of the occurrence. Ian has over 40 years of software programming, development, and project management experience. 

Davis Gravelsins VP Marketing

Davis heads up branding, sales support, PR, and marketing communications for Mobi. He won his first ‘big’ enterprise software account in 1989 working with IBM to produce digitally set type fonts for their 1989 annual report. Since then he has worked with over 20 startups and has been with us since 2008.

Jason Principe VP Sales 

Jason heads up our sales crew. He is known in healthcare as well as law enforcement for his skill in supporting clients with white glove service, and has deep understanding of the business side of mobile IT for field service personnel in critical situations. Jason is passionate about ensuring measurable ROI. 

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