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Mobile Innovations is a privately held company, based in Niagara Falls and Ottawa, Canada. With ten years of experience developing advanced mobile solutions for Android, iOS and Windows, the company is a world leader in putting crucial information at the fingertips of law enforcement officers, where and when they need it most.

Our premier product, Mobile Police Assist (MPA) extends the power of NicheRMS by putting this product’s full functionality on portable handheld devices. Our Electronic Pocket Notebook, EPNB, permits officers to record all of their notes and up to 80% are made automaticlly by using the RMS and CAD Apps. Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), human and vehicle telematics and wearable apps are available too, and we regularly develop new and unique solutions, which evolve into COTS products over time.

Information and Sales:

International and Canada: Gary Bauer +1 (416) 889-9997
United Kingdom: Bruce Murchie +44 (0)7802 227837
  • Mobile Innovations
  • 5833 Marshall Road
  • Niagara Falls, ON
  • Canada
  • L2G 0M5
  • Mobile Innovations 
  • Suite 106-1390 Prince of Wales
  • Ottawa, ON
  • Canada
  • K2C 3N6

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Working for Mobile Innovations is challenging, rewarding and fast-paced.

We currently have no openings to fill, but if you are interested in mobile development, please submit a resume and cover letter and we will keep it on file for 1 year.

Ottawa based.

Must be a Canadian citizen.

Extensive background checks may be necessary, as our products are for law enforcement agencies across the world.