Mobile Police Assist (MPA) products help law enforcement personnel do their work faster, smarter and safer.

iPatrol (MPANiche UK)

The power of Niche RMS on Android Galaxy S & Note with Airwatch/BES/SOTI. South Wales Police and Gwent Police, British Transport Police and Cleveland Police.

iPatrol was built by police, for police. Key objectives are a Use Case driven user experience available on the large form factor Galaxy S and Note with Stylus for data entry.

  • Airwatch
  • Blackbery BES UEM
  • SOTI

as EMM platforms and NetMotion for network connectivity. Meets Home Office security and privacy guidelines, with full Audit control.

This app combines

  • Niche RMS access device side history, a wide range of forms from Stop Search to Intel Submit, Witness Statement, PPN, Occurrence creation and update, tasking
  • PNC
  • Fingerprint searching via HOB
  • AFR via NEC Neoface
  • Hopewiser gazetteer, Experian QAS
  • Capita ControlWorks
  • Steria Storm Command and Control
  • Electronic Pocket NoteBook
  • GPS Tracking,  and others with the ability to work both on-line and to a more limited extent, Off-line, for areas lacking cellular coverage.

With twice annual releases, first to a pilot group and then forcewide, an agile process meets large scale deployment. The large screen smartphone format, optimizing the Officer Experience, minimizing keystrokes and touch, re-using Person, Vehicle, and Address search results for form completion and data input, along with smart activities like dialing phone numbers, looking up addresses and using device capabilities to perform satnav functions just flows. All locations can be filled with address lookups, or manually supplied, all device activities are saved to the ePNB, where they can be searched or used again, and added to, and accessed for several weeks on device, and for years on the server. The ePNB is also able to accept notes, sketches, camera images and voice dictations.

  • Features
  • Extends Niche RMS to Samsung smartphones
  • Cost effective, less training for Niche users
  • Access Unit and Officer Tasks, Submit reports/notes
  • PNC database queries
  • Killer app is silent dispatch
  • History and electronic Pocket NoteBook
  • Benefits
  • Cost effective, less training for Niche users
  • Answers faster with no dispatch or onboard IT
  • Increased officer and admin productivity
  • Direct to database speed & reliability
  • Current call on the phone, with status and Log entries
  • All work is in your hand, increases productivity and reduces Return to Station

Some positive feedback: “You can feed it back from me, the layout is so much nicer :)”

Short but sweet.

As a third generation mobile app, iPatrol permits officers in the field enter search data once into their Smartphone, and then search multiple back office systems and see multiple queues with pertinent results.