MPA Admin

MPA Admin provides all administrative capabilities for the Mobile Police Assist suite of BlackBerry, Android and iOS smartphone applications for Law Enforcement.

Role based interface – Dispatch, Alert Monitoring, Transcription, system administration.

  • Track users in real time or look up historical GPS information.
  • Run Activity and Vehicle Inspection reports, summary and detail.
  • Configure the system for routing dictation and transcription.
  • Store/forward images, GPS co-ordinates to CAD.
  • Build out users and groups and notifications.
  • Prepare and distribute briefings.

Get the information to fleet immediately.

  • Features
  • Connects to your Active Directory for Login
  • View your own groups locations, history and mileage
  • See Check-in/out messages & Alerts
  • Standard windows interface
  • Benefits
  • Existing passwords and rights
  • Maintains supervisor/staff privacy
  • Increased staff safety and awareness
  • Easy to learn and use