MPA eTicket

MPA eTicket for NicheRMS.

We have produced a handheld eTicket solution that integrates with our MPANiche/iPatrol mobile client, that;

  • Integrates directly to NicheRMS
  • Creates Niche Occurrences, and attaches Person and Vehicles
  • Created PONs appear on the report tab of the created Occurrence
  • If person or Vehicles are not found, we create unlinked entities that are candidates for masterfiling
  • We use a 2D barcode scanning solution, eliminating the need for external hardware
  • We can use phone only or phone with Samsung Dex mode in full screen
  • We can print to USB (DeX) connected printer or a BT Paired printer
  • PONs can be setup on the server and devices retrieve groups of PONs to work with, ensure one PON to one ticket
  • Uses MPAServer downloadable fillable PDFs to accommodate printing information and text layouts for various jurisdictions
  • Location Information should be possible to automatically populate, we present the 5 closest intersection (Google just gives 1 intersection)
  • That ability to test in various jurisdictions using FakeGPS
  • Automatically creates an electronic Pocket Notebook entry for the ticket, with a link to the created Occurrence.

Overall process is to:

  1. Select or create a Vehicle
  2. Select or create a Person
  3. Identify Offence Location and Stop Location
  4. Record Offence details
  5. Print and Save to Niche RMS and EPNB
  6. Review the ticket, print the ticket containing saved Officer Information and Signature.

As a part of printing, iPatrol creates a Niche Occurrence with linked Person and Vehicle, placing the pdfs of the ticket into the reports section of the Occurrence.

Permitting retry on the printing.

A final element is to create a Niche task to Masterfile the person and/or the vehicle.

Phone only mode

  • Sequential screens for the ticket
  • Uses forward facing camera for DL Scanner
  • Expecting a BlueTooth printer to be connected

Automatic EPNB Entry

  • Generating an eTicket creates an EPNB entry
  • All ticket details into the EPNB
  • Timestamped and Geotagged
  • Features
  • Runs on Android, iOS & Windows
  • Camera as embedded DL Scanner
  • Brother, Zebra & Seiko wired & BT printers
  • Adjusts to forward facing (phone only) or selfie camera for Samsung DeX mode.
  • Can operate without masterfiling customers into Niche and creating Niche Occurrences.
  • Fillable PDF tickets permits minor wording changes right in the PDF.
  • Benefits
  • Any smartphone or tablet with ease of deployment
  • No need for any additional 3rd party scanner hardware.
  • Ticket printing hardware flexibility and choice.
  • Appropriate device camera should always be used.
  • Permits eTicket creation without the need to change business processes or court interactions
  • Small changes can be applied without rebuilding and re-deploying.