MPA FACSMileage Panic Button

Use the Family and Children’s Services Mileage app to record the mileage of your staff and volunteers and know your staff location during business hours. Panic Button functionality included, to record 15 seconds of audio, and send GPS co-ordinates every minute for 30 minutes, routed to team supervisors or response staff.

Family and Children’s Services main focus is the well-being and safety of children and youth. Staff visit homes and volunteers are involved as drivers, offering safe transportation. FACS Mileage is our mileage, tracking, and location reporting solution for Android, BB10, and iOS. Provides location tracking for staff during business hours for safety, and accurate mileage reporting for staff and volunteers.

Leaders, teams and team members gain situational awareness as well as 100% accurate time and place recording with this cross- platform tracking and mileage recording. Adaptable to any type of group or field operation, MPATrack features large clear maps and images on Android, BB10, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Mobile.

  • Features
  • 60 second GPS reporting on trips, and at all right angle turns
  • Automatic accurate mileage tracking
  • Annual charge – runs on your mobile platform
  • GPS Fix sent every 5 minutes when not tracking
  • Groups can be defined in the Active Directory
  • Configurable time of day and day of week reporting
  • Volunteers who install the app can be automatically registered
  • Benefits
  • Good for Mileage and not draining the battery
  • No need for staff to fill out mileage reports, and transcribe them for re-imbursement
  • Major savings over the long term
  • Know where your staff are all day for improved safety
  • Adapts to quickly changing staffing
  • Complies with privacy legislation
  • Fast Setup for volunteers