MPA Track

Use the MPATrack GeoTagging app to track everything – devices, people, videos, pictures, traffic tickets, witness statements, emails and more.

Leaders, teams and team members gain situational awareness as well as 100% accurate time and place recording with this cross- platfrom tracking and GeoTagging app. Adaptable to any type of group or field operation, MPATrack features large clear maps and images on Android, BB10, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Mobile.

MPATrack is our tagging, tracking, and location reporting solution for Android, BB10, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Mobile. It GeoTags all captured data and transactions and lets you track and control individuals or groups carrying smartphones or tablets. Device data can be sent to Intergraph I/Tracker, or other CAD and mapping solutions. Boundary alerts and notifications are set to meet your specific needs. Secure visual mapping and tracking for more knowledge, better planning, and maxi- mum situational awareness when total visibility is required.

To visualize assets on map, there are several configurable options available:

1) Google maps requires customers to have their own existing Google Maps key

2) Visualization with your existing CAD/Dispatch/Command and Control software

3) Using Open Street Maps, OSM, for asset tracking visualization

  • Features
  • GeoTags for devices, pictures, video & all media transactions
  • Annual charge – runs on mobile data plan
  • Data is captured, GeoTagged & sent to database
  • Adjustable frequency & duration GPS coordinate reporting
  • Can be used with Intergraph iTracker or other CAD
  • Groups can be defined in the MS Active Directory
  • Panic Button feature available
  • Benefits
  • Real-time situational awareness as well as accurate records
  • Major savings over the long term
  • Evidential: GeoTagged evidence fixes place, time & date
  • Flexible battery life options to fit needs as required
  • Deploy out of the box and go live the same day
  • Adapts to quickly changing situation
  • Added level of safety in hazardous situations