MPA Vehicle Inspection

Perform Vehicle Inspections at start and end of shift, on your phone, table or in a browser.

Collect fleet information at the start and end of every shift, without any paper. Make note of a radio number and the results of a circle check, while the car warms up, and then off you go.

  • Are all the duty items available in the cruiser?
  • Were any consumed during the shift?
  • Is any maintenance required on the vehicle?

Get the information to fleet immediately.

  • Features
  • Runs on legacy BlackBerry Java and BlackBerry 10 and Android 4.x
  • Simplified Checklists and drop downs with minimal typing
  • Fuel and Mileage reporting form
  • Automate start and end of shift activities
  • Automated secure sending to database
  • Benefits
  • Highest security with ease of deployment
  • Efficient data entry by officers, retrieval and analysis by management
  • See where fuel dollars are spent
  • More fleet knowledge faster – eliminated paper
  • Less time gathering, following up and processing data