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PNC Plugin

The MPAPNC plugin connects the MPAServer to the UK Police National Computer, via the SOAP interface provided by the NDITechnologies NDI/PNC Gateway.

This plugin provides a query only interface into Person NE (Nominal Enquiry) and Vehicle VE (Vehicle Enquiry) and VK (Vehicle Keeper) queries.

This plugin and the corresponding BlackBerry client can be used in a standalone or in a composite search client.


  • Person NE, Nominal Enquiry, for Firstname, Surname, and Date of Birth. Allows you to see possible matches, choose correct person. As well as see all PNC details, warnings, and markers.
  • Vehicle VE, Vehicle Enquiry, for a registration number or a VIN. Allows you to see possible matches and choose the appropriate one.
  • Vehicle VK, Vehicle Keep Enquiry, for a Registration number or a VIN This includes any flags, markers and insurance information.