Mobile Police Assist (MPA) products help law enforcement personnel do their work faster, smarter and safer.

Tracker Plugin

The MPATracker plugin connects the MPAServer to the MPADatabase and provides behaviors for all the GPS enabled smartphone applications like MPATrack and ePNB,

This plugin is configured with the MPAAdministrator and can be set to echo GPS co-ordinates on to any CAD systems that accepts GPS coordinates for Units, internal mapping systems like ESRI, or other databases.


  • Geofence aware, test fixes against fences
  • FCM Push capable, briefings, occurrences
  • Records all GPS co-ordinates, with fix time, and report time.
  • Records all media to database with co-ordinates and times.
  • Media can be forms, photographs, video, dictation, PanicAlert, Check-In, Check-Out, On Patrol, return to station, and other user defined types.
  • Media can be routed to codec for format conversion.
  • Media can be routed to email, PIN, desktop, or device, etc.

All Tracker co-ordinates can be forwarded to Dispatch.

MPATracker Plugin can forward a request for “report your position immediately” to any or all connected devices, and can also send messages to connected devices to change their GPS reporting frequency and then return to a standard reporting interval.