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WMS Plugin

The MPAWMS, Warrants Management Sytems, plugin connects the MPAServer to the Warrants Management System produced and marketed by the South Wales Police.

This plugin provides query capabilities into the SOAP interface that the WMS exposes. Person queries, using First name, last name, and DOB are sent to the WMS, and it will return individuals with any type of outstanding warrant, and the details of the warrant

This plugin and the corresponding BlackBerry client can be used in a standalone or in a composite search client


  • Typing in a first and last name and performing a search, is enough to indicate whether or not there is an outstanding warrant.
  • WMS is defaulted to participate in all composite person searches initiated at the handheld.
  • Warrants results are returned to a Warrants Queue, that can be accessed with a hot-key, letter W.